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Our Usability Services

We combine our unique expertise in human factors with years of experience in the medical field to ensure that your path to FDA or MDR clearance is as seamless as possible. ​

Selected Usability Clients

From cutting-edge medical startups to established global biotech leaders, we proudly serve as a trusted usability partner.
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"Cognit accompanied us in the process of designing our automatic injection device. Cognit’s professional team was involved in the details of the project as early on as the prototype stage, created an optimal use experience and led the usability testing in full compliance with FDA requirements.”
Michael Segev
VP R&D and Design Engineering at Elcam Medical
“The experts from Cognit proved their ability to adapt to the client’s frame of mind while sensibly insisting on the right standards of user experience. Today they are an inseparable part of the development process. As a result, there is a proven improvement in the quality and ease of use of the software.”
Iddo Ambor
Director of Software and System Development, Given Imaging
"Cognit put together a comprehensive usability testing program that allowed us to obtain very useful and valuable usability data on a prototype product, so we could make timely and effective business decisions. Their work was done well with a high degree of professional skill and competence.”
Edmond W. Israelsky, PHD
Director Human Factors at AbbVie
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