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Project overview

Redesigning Exablate® Neuro interface: Waves of innovation

Insightec, a pioneering medical company harnessing the therapeutic power of focused ultrasound, approached Cognit to enhance their Exablate® Neuro interface for incision-free deep brain treatments, guided by MRI. In a timely and budget-focused project that demanded both efficiency and precision, Cognit led a significant transformation in concept and design, supporting neurosurgeons' day-to-day processes and demands for successful treatment of patients with tremors, without the associated risks and complications of traditional surgical approaches.

UX strategy & architecture
Field research
Visual concept
UX design
UI​ design
Physical interfaces
Medical Devices
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Project highlights

The art and science of simplifying

Cognit’s expert evaluation identified key challenges, prompting a comprehensive UX redesign of Exablate® Neuro interface. Through a swift grasp of the unique requirements and complexities involved, while relying on our rich past experience with similar systems and user profiles, Cognit developed an updated operational concept and provided detailed UX and UI design that specifically addressed the interface's main components, which were previously challenging to use and operate.

To facilitate the complex multi-phase procedure, our operational solution incorporated a user-friendly tab-guided process, ensuring that neurosurgeons could navigate through each phase effortlessly, while retaining awareness of previous stages and anticipating the next required steps. A consolidated toolbar with drop-down sub-tools and contextual elements ensured streamline workflow, easy tool access and consistent functionality.

Recognizing the criticality of sub-millimeter spatial precision, we focused on preserving the tactile precision offered by standard mouse interaction, without relying on touch screens. Together with creative visualization solutions, our design allowed for precise control and manipulation of 3D images through a traditional 2D control system, ensuring neurosurgeons could achieve the highest level of accuracy without compromise.

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"The guidance from Cognit was instrumental in shaping concepts and ideas into full-fledged UI\UX experience overhaul at Insightec. The professional, responsive and highly adaptive team was a true pleasure to work with."
Omri Funaro
Neuro Clinical Development Leader, Insightec