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Hacking onboarding drop-off through focused user research

Lumen developed the world's inaugural handheld device, capable of precise metabolic measurement. It goes beyond merely monitoring - Lumen actively tracks, analyzes, and offers insights on how to enhance the user's metabolic health.

In a strategic collaboration, Lumen has partnered with Cognit to conduct targeted user research in both Israel and the United States, focused on individuals who are new to Lumen's technology. The aim of this research was to uncover the specific challenges faced by Lumen beginners and to tailor micro-solutions that facilitate the adoption of this innovative and life-improving technology.

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Cognit UX research team conducted naturalistic usability tests and in-depth interviews with Lumen users, to explore their onboarding experience. The observations and interviews helped the team identify several friction and pain points, that led to user drop-off and confusion. Although users praised the aesthetic and appealing design of the device, as well as the friendly look and feel of the accompanying app, they found it surprisingly difficult to use their Lumen effectively and expressed frustration.

Among other use errors and difficulties that were documented, the team highlighted that the magnetic lid was so well integrated into the device design, that some first-time users tried to inhale into it or tried to inhale into the battery-charging holes at the bottom of the device. Cognit recommended adding a step in the app wizard, instructing the user to remove the lid.

In addition, analyzing users' behavior revealed that inhaling twice for the required duration was difficult for first-time users and created a sense of failure. Cognit recommended compromising on Lumen’s algorithm input requirements for the first weeks of use, to adapt to the user’s learning curve.

"By conducting targeted user research with Lumen users, we successfully uncovered the underlying "why" behind the data collected by Lumen. Having access to this data during the planning phase of user interviews allowed us to tailor our questions to align with observed behavioral trends, identify their root causes, and propose valuable design enhancements accordingly."
Romi Maliniak
UX Project Lead, Cognit