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User interface for F-16 training simulator

As part of an ongoing partnership, Elbit Systems approached Cognit to design the user experience and interface for an innovative F-16 flight simulator. The simulator was designed to provide realistic training for F-16 pilots in a variety of tasks, such as flying in bad weather, aerial refueling, air-to-air combat and formation flying.

UX strategy & architecture
UX design
UI​ design
Usability Testing

Project Highlights

The main challenge of the project was to create a comprehensive concept that would support the complex needs of flight instructors, who must manage multiple workstations and displays. We received a mixture of incomplete designs and complex screens that did not fit into a clear workflow.

Through close collaboration with the project team, we were able to gain a deep understanding of the complex knowledge domain of flight instructors. We were then able to create a concept that reflects the instructor's workflow, simplifies the connections between system elements, and maintains operational consistency throughout distinct work phases.

The innovative flight simulator provides F-16 pilots with realistic and efficient training, helping them to maintain their operational readiness. The simulator is designed to be easy to use, allowing flight instructors to focus on their critical training without being distracted by the system itself.

“Cognit have provided Elbit with excellent support in the areas of avionics application, human machine interfaces, workstation design and usability studies. Their work has been an important factor in customer and user acceptability and making human factors a major part of the design and dissemination process.”
Trousil Tomas
Human Factors Engineering - Manager, Elbit Systems