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Our Services

We have strong academic background, but we continuously extend our knowledge and methods. This is how we do research that gets right to the point and expands your perspective.

User research

Plan and run in-depth studies and user engagement activities to understand user behavior and preferences.
Usability Plan
Gap Analysis
Pre-submission  HF consulting

Field research and need finding

Conduct contextual inquiries and explore how users interact with their real-world environments, to uncover user needs and insights.
Use specification

Product usability evaluation

Asses users' interaction with the product along the development process, to test early concepts, identify friction points and improve the overall usability.
Formative evaluation
Summative testing
Usability File for MDR
HFE Report for FDA

Global recruitment & research operations

Let us take care of all the required logistics, from participant recruitment to testing facilities, for  seamless worldwide user studies.
Product Analysis
Product bench-marking
product roadmap UX consulting & strategy  
Brand health research
"Cognit put together a comprehensive usability testing program that allowed us to obtain very useful and valuable usability data on a prototype product, so we could make timely and effective business decisions.”
Edmond W. Israelsky, PhD
Director Human Factors at AbbVie
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