bridging the gap between user needs, technological innovation and smart business

  • UI & UX Design

    We design and create user interfaces that bridge the gap between user needs, technological capabilities and our clients' business requirements.

    Our process includes:

    • Task Analysis

      Research the users' needs, context of their work and the nature of their tasks

    • Operational Concept

      Establish system workflows, navigation model and basic UI layout using wireframing

    • Detailed Design

      UI design up to the smallest interaction detail, compatible with a range of environments including: HTML5, Angular, CSS, WPF

    • Graphic Design

      State of the art graphic design, from a focused facelift to a full blown graphic concept and detailed design

    • Implementation Support

      Accompany product development and provide quick online UI solutions

    • Consultation Package

      Receive our expertise as needed according to your time and budget constrains

  • Graphic Design

    Pick a solution for your need, from a facelift to your products look & feel to full graphic design package, we offer icons design and CSS & XAML.

    • Graphic Facelift

      A new 'look & feel' for your product's user interface can boost user satisfaction and give your product an additional competitive edge

    • Full Graphic Design Package

      The full graphic solution for your UI, from a graphic concept to a complete design and detailed style-guide

    • Icon Design

      Even a small-scale graphic intervention can go a long way to freshen-up the user experience

    • CSS & XAML

      Create great apps and captivating UX with HTML5, CSS and XAML

  • Usability Testing

    Our team of UX experts plans and executes user tests on all prototype levels, from paper mockups to working versions of the product. Our usability lab provides a full range of usability testing solutions. We accompany each solution with a detailed report of performance analysis and UI enhancement recommendations.

    • Stakeholder and user interviews

    • User workshops

    • Full scale usability testing

    Additional Usability Services

    • Usability for Medical Devices

      Incorporate usability in the design of your medical device. Meet FDA and other regulatory requirements including application of the latest Human Factors Standards:
      - IEC 62366:2007-10,
      - ANSI/AAMI HE75:2009

    • Expert Evaluation

      Our usability experts will evaluate your system's UI strengths and shortcomings and provide quick solutions to maximize your benefit

    • Quick Prototype Testing

      Usability testing doesn't have to be a long or costly process! We perform quick, small sample prototype testing to get input from your users as early as possible in the design process

  • UX Research & Strategy

    We work with your marketing and R&D teams to bring your vision to the user's experience

    Brainstorm with us to identify new directions for your product and consolidate a high level understanding of your target users and their needs

    Use insights gathered in the user and system analysis process to identify new target groups and bring their needs into your system's design process

  • Physical Interfaces

    We offer unique expertise in the design of physical interfaces, from medical device ergonomic design to cutting-edge military control panels

    • UI Design

      Incorporating latest human factors standards (for example - MIL-STD-1472G for design and development of military systems)

    • Ergonomic Consultation Services

      Enable you to achieve the best product-user fit based on anthropometric research

  • Workshops & Courses

    Lectures and workshops tailored for your organizational needs, based on our vast field experience and demonstrating our work process using various case studies.