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We believe in building partnerships and pride ourselves in dedication to our clients. Whether we are working with multi-national market leaders or dynamic startups, we have made it our chief priority to give our clients the best possible service and top quality solutions. We are happy to say that almost all our clients return to us with their next UX challenge. This is a chance to say thanks! We love working with you too!

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"We have been working with Cognit over the past two years on a range of medical software projects. Throughout the process the experts from Cognit proved their ability to adapt to the client’s frame of mind while sensibly insisting on the right standards of user experience. Cognit’s experts quickly assimilated the relevant knowledge domain and fully adapted to dynamic workloads. As a result there is a proven improvement in the quality and ease of use of the software. Today they are an inseparable part of the development process. It is apparent that Cognit has extensive experience in the medical field, which is expressed in their clear and organized work processes".

Iddo Ambor, Director of Software and System Development at Given Imaging

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"Cognit defined, designed and helped develop the user interface and work environment for a complex and innovative terrain dominance intelligence system for “Elbit Systems Ltd”. From the conceptual design of the operational process, through the different design and development stages to writing and executing courses and training programs for our end users, Cognit demonstrated uncompromising quality, a high level of precision in execution and a professional attitude. Cognit provided creative and innovative solutions for the design of the work stations and work environment. Cognit exceled at being available and working within time constrains while maintaining flexible thinking in the face of ever changing demands. I express my high appreciation for Cognit’s contribution in the success of the project."

Ofir Zissman, Project Manager, Elbit Systems Ltd

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"We chose Cognit over other vendors for their wide variety of customers and creative projects, and soon enough we understood we did well. The strategic team were focused and knowledgeable, guiding the management plan to a safe UX shore. A shore that was later designed by Cognit's UI graphic design team into a real outstanding piece. Team of Cognit UI Experts, thank you for a great job done in a timely and creative manner."

Roy Katmor, Co-Founder & CEO at enSilo

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Cognit defined and designed the user interface for innovative cyber security system by EMC as well as laying the basis for the product's visual branding, all under the project's challenging time constraints. Both the operational and the graphical design aspects of the system are a testimony for Cognit experts' in-depth process understanding, exceptional attention to details and overall quality of work as well as an ability to quickly grasp a new and technically advanced knowledge domain. The high quality of materials produced by Cognit was such that they will be used in additional EMC relevant systems. I would be happy to work with Cognit on future projects and recommend them wholeheartedly.

Uriya Stern, Sr. Program Manager, EMC² COE Beer-Sheva, Israel

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"The Cognit team have worked with us on the software usability and user interface development of the  XACT Robotic system. They have quickly learned our complex domain and were able to provide a very thorough, professional, creative and valuable input. The final graphic design of our application looks very sharp and we were very happy with the result of their work.
Not less important for a start-up like us, they did all that in a timely manner while balancing between the “perfect” design and our tight schedule and budget constraints.
And they did all that with a smile...
Thank you Genie, Moran and Tali."

Moran Shochat, Director, Software Development, XACT Robotics

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"Cognit accompanied us in the process of designing our automatic injection device. Cognit’s professional team was involved in the details of the project as early on as the prototype stage, and led the usability testing in full compliance with FDA requirements. Cognit designed the product's operational and graphic concepts and created an optimal use experience for the user. We continue to work with Cognit today and I strongly recommend them!"

Michael Segev, VP R&D and Design Engineering at Elcam Medical

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"Cognit demonstrated the feasibility of designing an anti-shrapnel vest, which provides ballistic protection for 95% of the user population in the British Army using only 8 vest sizes.

In a British Ministry of Defense tender our company was requested to develop patterns for a personal protective vest against shrapnel that would guarantee coverage for 95% of the population of infantry soldiers using the minimum number of sizes. The challenge of developing measures for a textile product based on anthropometry research was significant as it was unprecedented in other armies.

Cognit met the challenge within a short deadline and provided a document that was submitted as part of the tender documents explaining how to obtain protection for 95.5% of the British infantry soldiers with only 8 vest sizes.

Cognit’s work was characterized by in-depth and “out of the box” thinking, and by their ability to be purposeful, accurate and reasoned.

In January 2015 our company won the tender in question and signed a multi-year contract to equip all infantry soldiers in the British army with the ballistic protective vest."

Yoki Gill, CEO at Source Tactical Gear

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"Cognit accompanied us in the process of designing an advanced medical diagnostic product. Cognit were involved in the process from the initial mockups to the final graphic design of the screens in a professional and knowledgeable manner. Partnering with Cognit brought significant added value to the final result, and we would be happy to work with them again in the future."

Roy Navon, Software Engineer and Bioinformatician at MeMed Diagnostics Ltd.

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"After considering several leading UX companies, Cognit was selected by eVigilo (a company that develops multi-channeled alert systems for governments, organizations and municipalities) for its C41 system. The C41 system is used by the Israeli home front command, the Chilean home front command and additional clients. Deciding on Cognit has turned out to be a very successful choice, and the final result impresses everyone that has seen it. Cognit is a professional company with a high level of integrity that pays meticulous attention to both the process and the resulting product. Above all, it is a pleasure to work with Cognit from both a professional and a personal perspective."

Amir Hazan, Technology Director at eVigilo

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"Upon completion of the design for an ERP system for our company, we saw fit to thank you for the project outcome. During the months of joint work, we witnessed your professional knowhow and the quality of your deliverables. The combination of specialized knowledge, work style and ability to meet deadlines while insisting on what you see as essential, highly contributed to the success of the project and to reducing resistance within the organization and recruiting full cooperation from all of our employees. At the end of the process we received an organized, consolidated and efficient product that we can use to take our company forward into the future."

Gideon Reis, CEO at Pavilion Spark

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"Moran and Ori from Cognit accompanied us in the process of redesigning our software for digital printing on glass. After meeting with several other companies we chose Cognit due to their professional approach and pleasant manner. The conceptual design process was thorough and didn’t leave any stones unturned: from the work habits of a skilled operator, to the learning curve of a novice it touched upon the full range of possible actions (printing, maintenance and calibration). Once the design document was completed we received several options, all of them both cleverly and tastefully designed. The screens were user-friendly and simple even for very complex operations. I recommend Cognit to any company with a complex product that is operated by an unskilled user, and to every company that wishes to provide its clients with a pleasant and safe use experience".

Dorit Regev, R&D Software and IT Director at Dip-Tech