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UX and UI design for a versatile e-commerce payment solution

Cognit's mission was to craft an interface that empowers users to seamlessly adopt Splitit's innovative "buy now, pay later" payment plans, regardless of the platforms they employ or their spending preferences. Achieving this goal involved designing a straightforward operational flow, offering readily accessible supplementary information upon request, and employing a minimalistic yet reassuring visual language. These elements collectively ensured a smooth integration into the checkout process across various shopping and payment scenarios.

Visual concept
UX strategy & architecture
UX design
UI​ design

"One of the captivating challenges we encountered during our work on the UX strategy and design for Splitit was to cultivate user confidence. To achieve this, we employed a combination of clear design principles and an informative approach, which were crucial for building trust among users, since the interface involved the security of their money."
Hadar Moriah
Co-CEO, Cognit