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Crafting a fresh and simple experience for an innovative body measurement app

MySize is a pioneering app that provides precise sizing for a variety of online fashion brands, requiring just a few simple smartphone measurements. The Cognit product design team has crafted a distinctive visual identity for the app, drawing inspiration from the fashion industry and celebrating the natural contours of the human body. This design approach fosters a positive and inclusive user experience, especially during the essential body measurements process.

To ensure a seamless user journey and minimize potential frustration or drop-offs, Cognit conducted comprehensive user research and contextual inquiries involving the intended users. These efforts yielded valuable insights that were seamlessly integrated into the app's detailed UX and UI design.

User Research
Expert Evaluation
Visual concept
UX design
UI​ design

"The MySize app provides an elegant solution for a seamless online shopping experience. Using this friendly app and the unique measurement algorithm that enables it, anyone can measure themselves easily and accurately, obtain precise sizing in a few effortless steps and continue smoothly to purchase items confidently."
Hadar Moriah
Co-CEO, Cognit