XACT Robotics

Robotic Needle Steering System

The Cognit team have worked with us on the software usability and user interface development of the XACT Robotic system. They have quickly learned our complex domain and were able to provide a very thorough, professional, creative and valuable input. The final graphic design of our application looks very sharp and we were very happy with the result of their work.

Not less important for a start-up like us, they did all that in a timely manner while balancing between the perfect design and our tight schedule and budget constraints. And they did all that with a smile...

Moran Shochat, Director, Software Development, XACT Robotics

Moran Mishkal-Sinai

Founder, Co-CEO

"The XACT-robotics medical system provides robotic needle steering for minimally invasive interventional procedures such as biopsies through its novel hardware and software technologies. The XACT system is meant for use by physicians, in combination with other medical systems and devices. Our main challenge was to support users in a multi-device environment, and to enhance their situational awareness of system processes and physical components as well as external systems."