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Formative Tests

Usability testing doesn't have to be a long or costly process! We perform quick, small sample prototype testing to get input from your users as early as possible in the design process.

Our usability specialists will help you align the test goals to the different product development phases and needs, prepare the required documentation and moderate the session while documenting relevant user reactions and behaviors. A test report containing the findings and key insights will be generated, and the resulting recommendations will serve as inputs for refining the product design.

Recruitment & testing facilities

We specialize in managing all aspects of a successful usability test. Our team will take care of all logistical aspects of the usability test from its early planning stages to its execution. We team up with research facilities all around the world to provide our clients with research environments that best suit their needs; from research labs and home environments to professional medical settings.

Our services also include participant recruitment and screening, catering to a broad spectrum of backgrounds encompassing both lay users and medical professionals. We take care of all on-site logistics, including equipment, set-up, and participant compensation, ensuring a seamless and ethical experience for all involved parties. Our specialization lies not just in conducting usability tests, but in orchestrating them flawlessly, providing you with a comprehensive solution that yields effective insights.

Summative Usability Testing

A successful human factors validation study is not solely about having a well-written protocol; it entails a comprehensive approach that we promote early in the product development phase. This approach involves gaining market insights, fully comprehending the intended use of the product, and executing formative usability studies.

With years of experience overseeing validation testing and complete usability processes for both home-use and professional use products, Cognit's usability specialists have honed a systematic method for preparing and conducting effective and successful human factors validation sessions.

We lead the entire process and collaborate closely with all pertinent stakeholders within the organization. Our responsibility spans from understanding regulatory requirements to meticulously planning the study and test protocol, conducting dry runs, and executing the tests in a well-suited testing facility, mimicking the real-life use environment. Ultimately, our method translates into achieving both regulatory compliance and commercial success, ensuring that products are user-friendly, safe, and effective.

Expert Evaluation

Our human factors experts will analyze your device's current user interface / labeling, identify its strengths and shortcomings and provide quick solutions for addressing them. Our experience with a variety of technologies, clinical applications and characteristics of intended users and use environments in the medical field, enable us to envision actual device use and potential use problems.

An early expert evaluation and subsequent modifications will ensure an improved user experience and promote product readiness for successful usability testing.