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UX/UI design for a security control app

Outlocks, a global leader in outdoor access management systems, sought out Cognit's expertise to design their groundbreaking mobile app. This app serves as a virtual key solution, enabling real-time control and monitoring of access to remote and outdoor sites. The mobile application provides a convenient and safe way for authorized users to receive and use entrance access securely.

UX strategy & architecture
UX design
Visual concept
Product design

Project highlights

Ensuring secure access and sustaining trust across diverse contexts

Cognit's UX team collaborated closely with the app developers to streamline the operational concept and establish an efficient task flow, accounting for various user profiles and technical constraints.

Cognit's product design team crafted a distinct visual language that embodies the values of innovation and security, aligning with the app's mission to safeguard sensitive sites and valuable assets. The interface was designed to provide clear visualizations of accessible sites, site statuses, and emergency states, all contributing to a seamless and user-friendly experience.

"Our challenge was to create a single clear and attractive interface for a highly versatile product, used by numerous organizations operating in a range of different industries all over the world. To meet this challenge, we mapped the needs of the different kinds of users, as well as the variable technical constraints and options, and created a unified operational solution and seamless user experience."
Ori Trainin-Gooz
Founder & Co-CEO, Cognit