Elbit Systems Ltd.

F16 training simulator

Cognit defined, designed and helped develop the user interface and work environment for a complex and innovative terrain dominance intelligence system for “Elbit Systems Ltd”. From the conceptual design of the operational process, through the different design and development stages to writing and executing courses and training programs for our end users, Cognit demonstrated uncompromising quality, a high level of precision in execution and a professional attitude. Cognit provided creative and innovative solutions for the design of the work stations and work environment. Cognit exceled at being available and working within time constrains while maintaining flexible thinking in the face of ever changing demands. I express my high appreciation for Cognit’s contribution in the success of the project.

Ofir Zissman, Project Manager, Elbit Systems Ltd.

Sonya Stutman

Senior UX Expert

"The main challenge was creating a comprehensive concept to support the mass of complex tasks that the flight instructor is faced with, along with a multitude of workstations and displays. We received a mix of partial designs and complex screens that did not fit in to a clear workflow. Through our close work with the project team we dived into the flight instructors’ complex knowledge domain. We were able to create a concept that reflects the instructor’s workflow, simplifies the connections between system elements, and maintains operational consistency throughout distinct work phases".

UX Design / UI Design / Contents