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Meet the team

All members of our team have advanced academic background in cognition, decision making and human computer interaction, and a knack for quickly learning and assimilating diverse domains of knowledge. We are known for our in-depth approach and ability to design highly specialized solutions that generate a truly exceptional user experience.

  • Moran Mishkal-Sinai

    Moran Mishkal-Sinai

    Founder, Co-CEO

    Moran is an expert UX architect, with over 15 years of experience in designing innovative user interfaces for divers industries. In her work, Moran emphasizes the importance of fully incorporating the user and the use environment into the design. Through her extensive experience in the field, Moran has developed a deep understanding of human-machine interaction, and has cultivated a special interest in designing complex physical interfaces. Prior to founding Cognit, Moran was a UI/UX expert at the Human Factors Engineering division at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, where she specialized in cutting-edge command & control and missile systems. Moran holds a B.A. in psychology (Cum Laude) and M.A. in organizational psychology from the University of Haifa.

  • Ori Trainin-Gooz

    Ori Trainin-Gooz

    Founder, Co-CEO

    With over 25 years of experience, Ori is among the leading UI/UX experts in Israel. Throughout her career she has designed user interfaces for numerous products in diverse industries including: defense, aerospace, cybersecurity, bio-medical and finance. Ori has a proven track record in Human Factors engineering, and is one of the top professionals in the field of image processing and terrain dominance systems. Before founding Cognit, Ori headed the Human Factors Engineering division at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, where she developed what have since become proven practices and methodology for outstanding user centered design. Ori holds a B.A. in psychology (honors program) from the University of Haifa and a M.Sc. in industrial psychology and human factors engineering from the Technion.

  • Hadar Moriah

    Hadar Moriah

    General Manager

    Hadar is an accomplished UX designer with a devotion to delivering efficient client-focused results. Her approach combines astute insight into how users perceive, think and act, with the ability to clearly define problems and provide real-world solutions. In her previous role at Cognit, she lead multiple complex projects, ranging from sophisticated cybersecurity systems to cutting-edge medical devices. Hadar has also worked as part of the HMI team at General Motors, where she focused on speech driven interaction in autonomous and partially autonomous vehicles. Hadar holds a B.Sc. in life sciences and psychology (Cum-Laude) from the Hebrew University and an M.Sc. in industrial psychology and human factors engineering (Magna Cum-Laude) from the Technion.

  • Revital Hassid

    Revital Hassid

    Office Manager & HR Coordinator

    Revital is the office manager of Cognit UX experts and specializes in organizing office operations to ensure effectiveness. Revital has 12 years of experience in administrative management. Prior to joining Cognit, Revital worked as office manager for NantWorks and Alcatel-Lucent. Revital holds a BA in Social Sciences and Human Services from Haifa University.

  • Sonya Stutman

    Sonya Stutman

    Head of Usability

    Sonya has a talent for designing exceptionally complex systems. Her systematic approach, coupled with high attention to details, allows her to design coherent, intuitive interfaces that offer a smooth and friendly user experience even for the most complicated use-cases. Sonya also worked for two years at the Research Center for Work Safety and Human Engineering at the Technion. She applies her experience in advanced research methodology in designing focused and efficient usability testing. Sonya holds a B.A. in psychology from the University of Haifa and a M.Sc. in industrial psychology and human factors engineering from the Technion.

  • Tzafit Tirkel

    Tzafit Tirkel

    UX Team Lead

    Tzafit combines a strong engineering background and research capabilities with her passion for the human aspect of the product. Her background offers a unique point of view in understanding the user's requirements and creating meticulously crafted and efficient user interfaces. Tzafit holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management and a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management, specializing in Human Factors and Intelligent Systems, both from Ben-Gurion University. As part of her studies she conducted extensive research focusing on interactive automated home-based systems in the healthcare sector. For her work, she was granted a research excellence award from Ben-Gurion University.

  • Tali Natanson

    Tali Natanson

    Product Design Lead

    Tali is a seasoned digital interface designer, who believes in precise and applicable solutions that generate tangible value for the product. Her approach to design is planted in deep curiosity about the way people perceive and process information. In her work she proves that the ability to create exceptional visual solutions comes from unexpected places and is rooted in constant learning and in open dialog with other people. Tali is truly dedicated and brings total commitment to the product and the client.

    Tali holds a B.A.Mus. from The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and studied supplementary studies in Instructional Technology at Columbia university, NYC.

  • Emuna Eliav

    Emuna Eliav

    Senior UX Expert & Project Leader

    Emuna has a strong academic background in cognitive and experimental psychology, and a deep interest in the connection between technology, the human mind and emotional, interpersonal and sociological phenomena. In her work she relies on her extensive knowledge in human factors engineering, her experience in leading innovative research and data collection, as well as her innate knack for bringing clarity into the most complex situations. Emuna has 7 years of experience in teaching human factors engineering at the faculty of industrial engineering and management at the Technion, where she recently completed her PhD. She also holds a B.A. in cognitive sciences and linguistics (Cum-Laude) from the Hebrew University and M.Sc. in behavioral sciences and management (Cum-Laude) specializing in human factors engineering, from the Technion. During her studies Emuna has won several awards for her outstanding research.

  • Shir Atsmon-Livny

    Shir Atsmon-Livny

    UX Team Lead

    Shir is a fast learner with a passion for complex systems. She likes to dive into details and work in a thorough and methodological manner. Shir holds a B.A in psychology and cognitive science (with honors) and an M.Sc. in Human factors engineering, both from Ben Gurion University. Her research focused on transfer of control issues in autonomous vehicles. This reflects the essence of what she brings to all her projects- a deep understanding of the point where the human meets the machine.

  • Shiri Segal

    Shiri Segal

    UX Project Lead

    Shiri is a user experience designer with a passion for creative solutions and pursuit of uncompromising aesthetic standards. With academic experience both in psychology and in design, Shiri utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to create effective and attractive interfaces. Shiri holds a B.A. in psychology and art history (with honors) from the Hebrew University and an M.Sc. in cognitive psychology and human factors engineering, from the Technion. Her research has focused on decision making in competitive environments, giving her an extra edge to better understand user behavior.    

  • Hadassa Hartman

    Hadassa Hartman

    UX Project Lead

    Hadassa has a diverse background including medical device user experience, product management, clinical trials, QA/RA and information science. This gives her a well-rounded understanding of both the development requirements and the users’ needs. She is a quick learner and has a keen understanding of the flow of information and a passion for making interfaces simple and intuitive. Hadassa holds a B.Sc. in Life Sciences from Hebrew University and a M.A. in Information Science (with honors), from Bar Ilan University. Her masters’ thesis focused on usability and accessibility of hospital websites.

  • Nofar Michaeli Harel

    Nofar Michaeli Harel

    UX Project Lead & Usability Specialist

    Nofar is a Social Psychologist, with a rich research background, including leading research processes and teams and employing both qualitative and quantitative behavioral research methods. She is also certified in up-to-date UX research approaches and standards.

    In addition, she has extensive experience in project management in the field of training development and has a creative approach to analyzing and understanding complex human processes. Nofar is passionate about the potential of a great user experience to empower users and improve their performance. She holds a M.A in Psychology from Haifa University (with honors). 

  • Orly Yacobovitz

    Orly Yacobovitz

    Senior Product Designer

    Orly is an experienced designer and an expert in creating brand identities and design elements in various categories.
    During her years as an designer, she has worked with a wide range of companies from startups to established brands and led digital branding and design processes for a variety of B2B cross-device applications.
    In her work Orly is able to create a shared brand identity and holistic user experience that connects products and platforms together, based on a well-defined strategy and clear vision.
    Orly is a graduate of the Goren School for Visual Communication and holds a certificate in Marketing and Advertising from the University of Haifa in Israel.

  • Nastia Afanassiev

    Nastia Afanassiev

    Senior UX Expert

    Nastia has a diverse academic background including a B.A. in Psychology and Human Services from Haifa University and an M.Sc. in Behavioural and Management Sciences from the Technion, specializing in organizational and cognitive psychology. Her master’s thesis focused on management for innovation as well as best practices for promoting creative idea generation and its implementation among employees. Having gained extensive experience in both quantitative and qualitative research, Nastia combines creativity with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Her interests include utilizing big data for modelling and prediction of human behaviour in addition to the business aspect of user experience design.

  • Yishai Sorek

    Yishai Sorek

    Senior UX Expert

    Yishai has a diverse background in academic research and in strategic intelligence research. He holds an M.A. in Cognitive Psychology and Art History (with honors) and a B.A. in Cognitive Sciences, English Literature and History, both from The Hebrew University. Yishai is passionate about helping users do good work through clear, concise and communicative design, and he utilizes his interdisciplinary approach to learn about their needs, break them down structurally, and find creative ways to meet them. His research focused on viewer engagement with artworks in lab and real world environments, which gives him a deep perspective on visual experiences and expertise. 

  • Chen Kantor

    Chen Kantor

    Office Administrator

    Chen is the office administrator of Cognit UX experts and responsible for general office administration issues. Chen has 9 years of experience in administrative management. Prior to joining Cognit, Chen worked as office manager at Igentify and as operations manager at Gold Business Tourism. Chen holds a BA in Business Management and Human Resources from Ruppin Academic Center.

  • Inna Barkan Tenenbaum

    Inna Barkan Tenenbaum

    Senior UX Expert

    Inna has always been intrigued by the question "what motivates people to behave the way they do", and curious to understand the inner mechanisms that underly their actions, whether it's a mathematical problem to solve or a product to choose at the supermarket.

    She also believes in practical and comfortable solutions and knows that in order to understand one's pains, you have to walk a mile in their shoes. 

    For the reasons above, she chose to study psychology and cognitive science (B.A) and has a M.A in cognitive science, both from Ben Gurion University. She also holds a UX Designer diploma from the Technion.

  • Romi Maliniak

    Romi Maliniak

    Senior UX Expert

    Romi is a passionate UX expert with an extensive academic background including a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering specializing in Human Factors Engineering (excellence program), both from Ben-Gurion University. Her research focused on Human-Robot Interaction and specifically on understanding the impact of robotic design on trust and likeability. Her experience in research combining psychological and technological aspects helped shape Romi’s approach as a truly multidisciplinary UX designer, with an analytical mindset and strong interpersonal capabilities.

  • Tal Kaptur

    Tal Kaptur

    Usability Specialist

    Tal is a usability researcher with extensive experience in qualitative research and fieldwork. She believes in the power of effective research to connect designers to users’ needs and preferences, Tal has a M.A. (with honors) from the Hebrew University and is currently pursuing a PhD at Tel-Aviv university. Her previous work won her an excellence in research award from the international Gutwirth fund.

  • Adi Weisman

    Adi Weisman

    Senior UX Expert

    Adi is passionate about helping users and organization achieve their best by designing clear and comfortable systems. She works in a methodological and analytical manner and with empathy to the users.

    Adi holds a B.A in Cognitive Science and Psychology from the Hebrew University (with Honors) and an M.Sc. in Psychology from the Technion.

  • Shira Tittman

    Shira Tittman

    Senior UX Expert

    Shira is a meticulous user experience designer with a rich background in the fields of therapy and medical organizations. 

    Her diverse hands-on experience, helped Shira cultivate a deep understanding of how people think, act and what adjustments are required in order to make processes and knowledge accessible to them. 

    She strives to create accessible, intuitive and holistic interfaces that derive from rigorous user research. 

  • Daphne Fruchter

    Daphne Fruchter

    Senior UX Expert

    Daphne has a diverse academic background including a B.Sc. in Life Sciences and Psychology and an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering specializing in Human Factors Engineering, both from Ben-Gurion University. Her research focused on user-centered design for rehabilitation systems. Daphne is passionate about learning people's behaviors and putting herself in their shoes, which motivates her to design easy-to-use, high-performance UXs that are also fun to use.

  • Shahar Altman

    Shahar Altman

    UX Expert

    Shahar has always been curious about why people act the way they do and what motivates them to make certain decisions and is a strong believer in centering the design process around these questions. Shahar holds a B. A in Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology, with honors, and a M.A in Social Psychology from Tel Aviv University. She applies her academic background and her interest in motivation and decision making to help people and organizations have better and more meaningful experiences.

  • Chana Berelejis

    Chana Berelejis

    UX Expert

    Chana brings strong analytical thinking, empathy with people, and great communication skills. Passionate about solving problems that make a difference in people's lives, by making everyday interactions more useful, usable, and accessible. Chana holds a B.A in Cognitive Science and Psychology from the Hebrew University (with Honors), and an M.A in Cognitive Science from the Hebrew University (with Honors), The M.A included extensive field research.

  • Liron Siag

    Liron Siag

    UX Expert

    Liron has a passion for innovative, out-of-the-box, elegant design of experiences. 

    She is fascinated with new means of interactions and communication, amplified by the ever-growing integration of technology in our lives.

    Liron holds a B.Sc in Cognitive and Brain Sciences from the Hebrew university, and is currently completing her M.A (with honors) in the same field. Liron’s research revolves around perception of color-palettes and their associations with semantic genres. 

    In addition, Liron is also completing her B.F.A at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, in the department of Screen-based Arts. 

    Liron brings her interdisciplinary background, curious and attentive attitude, as well as her drive to create efficient, intuitive and fun UXs.