Foresight ADAS demonstrator

Foresight ADAS demonstrator
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  • Feature rich demonstrator

    Feature rich demonstrator

    Combination of fully operational user interface with impressive demonstrator capabilities

  • Visuals and Motion

    Visuals and Motion

    CES level cutting-edge design with realistic animated capabilities

  • Unique use environment

    Unique use environment

    Operating the screen from the driver’s seat while keeping the eyes on the road

Sami Kalantarov

“The Foresight automated vision system is a state of the art ADAS which can foresee potential collisions with vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and other obstacles".

For the first stage of the project we created a feature-rich dedicated demonstrator. Facing complex data visualization in a dynamic and unique “in vehicle” work environment, our design focused on presenting the full technological capabilities of the system in a clear, easily accessible and engaging way, brought to life with the help of After Effects animation” sequences.

We are proud of our contribution to Foresight successful participation at CES 2018.

Sami Kalantarov - Senior UX expert
UX Design / UI Design / Content