Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
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  • Feature rich demonstrator

    Feature rich demonstrator

    Combination of fully operational user interface with impressive demonstrator capabilities

  • Visuals and Motion

    Visuals and Motion

    Cutting-edge design highlighted by elegant animations

  • Unique use environment

    Unique use environment

    Operating the screen from the driver’s seat while keeping the eyes on the road

Sami Kalantarov

“The Foresight automated vision system is a state of the art ADAS which can foresee potential collisions with vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and other obstacles".

For the first stage of the project we created a feature-rich dedicated demonstrator. Facing complex data visualization in a dynamic and unique “in vehicle” work environment, our design focused on presenting the full technological capabilities of the system in a clear, easily accessible and engaging way.

Sami Kalantarov - Senior UX expert
UX Design / UI Design / Content